Spray Tan

Spray Tanning is the healthiest way to get that summer glow year-round. Spray tanning consists of more than just spraying the solution on. Balancing the skins PH and preparing it comes first, but also the blending and aftercare are especially important steps to making it last longer and look it best. Let us give you the best tan you’ve ever had!

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Tips for a Better Spray Tan


Always exfoliate in the shower first (concentrate on knees and elbows)

No Makeup

Do NOT wear lotions, perfumes, makeup, or deodorant to your spray tan appointment. 

Loose Clothing

Wear loose clothing
(darker colors are best)

Aftercare Tips


Must wear the spray tan solution for the time recommended for best results (rapid is 4 hours and regular is 8 hours)

Don’t Get Wet

Do NOT sweat or get wet until after you have showered the solution off


When showering do NOT exfoliate. Use gel soap and hands only. Heavily moisturize after.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my tan last? 

Everyone is different. It varies from person to person. But the before and after steps are very important to the life of your tan and we will educate you as to what best for you personally. 

Do I have to tan nude?

Absolutely not! Disposable underwear and bralettes are available upon request. All spray tan specialists will be female. It is required that males wear disposable underwear or their own. 

Will I still burn in the sun?

Yes. Spray tans have nothing in them to protect you from the sun. Please wear sunscreen as our spray tan solution has no sunscreen elements to it. 

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