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Microblading is implanting pigment into the skin. This process mimics the natural hair thickness, color and direction. This generally has the best results when someone’s skin isn’t oily. 

2 Hours+$400


Powder Brows – when healed they will look like powdered makeup. They will be darker when first applied, but lighten as you heal.  

2 Hours+$500


Using a combination of Microblading and Powder can blend and look very natural. We can consult you to find a combination for the most natural look. 

2 Hours+$500


Perfect eyeliner at all times with permanent ink around the eye. Can be applied by hand or machine. 

2 HoursStarting at

Tattoo Lighten & Correct

Certified Li-ft tattoo lighten and correct. Li-ft is a saline solution that can lighten any color tattoo.


Per Session

Keratin Lash Lift

A lash lift that’s HEALTHY for your lashes. 

This lash lift will never harm your lashes or make them kink. The Keratin can make them up to 40% longer and thicker with regular treatments.

Typically 6-8 weeks apart.

1 Hours$100